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I am thrilled and delighted to have two artworks chosen to be published in the Earth Pathways Diary 2025.  This will the sixth year I have been selected. I feel very honoured and thank Earth pathways for selecting my paintings again. This brings me so much happiness that I can share my love for this beautiful earth through my work.  I am proud to be a very small part of this wonderful community committed to bring change and creating a better world for the future.

My watercolour painting Grounding Energy is shown on page 36, accompanied by the beautiful poem The Turning by Vici Hoban.

My second watercolour painting! "The River is Flowing Down To The Sea” is shown on page 86 accompanied by “Turning Autumn” writings by Mo Kendall

The Earth Pathways Diary and Calendar celebrates the seasons and cycles of the year, “The Turning  Of The Wheel” The diary contains information about the 8 seasonal earth festivals, beautiful writings, poems and paintings as well as moon astrology, numerology and much more.

You can buy diaries. wall calendars and journals direct from the website at

Connect with Earth Pathways

@earthpathwaysdiary for facebook

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@EarthPathways for Twitter/X

Diaries and Calendar are available from 20th June where the first 500 diaries and 300 calendars are available at special Early Bird prices.


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