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Earth Pathways Artwork

I'm delighted and excited that my work has been chosen for the inclusion in the Earth Pathways Diary for 2021.

Our diary has become a firm favourite with the growing community of people who are willing to actively create positive change in their lives for the benefit of the Earth. Taking you on a magical journey through the seasons and the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the uplifting and thought-provoking content will deepen your connection to the land, its rhythms and its ancient wisdom. The diary also includes Moon phases and signs, sunrise and sunset times, moonrise and moonset times and some astrological information.

Earth Pathways publishes around 10,000 copies annually and is a well-established and successful leading title for diaries and calendars that appeal to those interested in ecology; environmental activism and life-style changes; climate change; earth-based spirituality; astrology; The Sun and Moon cycles; Earth Festivals; gardening; Permaculture and mind, body, spirit themes. Published by the Earth Pathways Co-Operative, the new 2021 Diary and Wall Calendar are now available priced £14.50 and £10.50 respectively, excluding p & p. Please visit our website:

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