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Deep Deep Light Ambassador

I am delighted to announce that I have been chosen by Deep Deep Light watercolours to become an Ambassador for their fabulous watercolour paints. I am one of five Ambassadors from different parts of the planet, all coming together through the love of nature and Mother Earth.

Nobody has calculated and compared the footprint of obtaining pigments and the ones created by humans in laboratories. Deep Deep Light colours are made from pigments that have been travelling since the beginning of civilisation making their way to Latvia where they are hand made by two beautiful souls, Agnese Aijena and Daina Domasute into wild and alive colours.

Agnese and Daina are mindful about the environmental impact of their paints and make them as guilt free as possible.

I am really excited at the thought of working with Agnese, Daina and the beautiful paints called Deep Deep Light. I will be showing you special mixes, effects and techniques via my Instagram @vickimoonwolf my Website and my Pinterest page – “My Paintings”

From September please check out my Deep Deep Light Watercolour day workshops/ courses on my website or Instagram @vickimoonwolf


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